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I have recently published a book by the title The Boiler Room Boys: An Underground Story of Science, Religion, and the Faith that Fuels Both. I have created this website for those interested in continuing to investigate the relationships between science, religion and faith, and intend to write about my ongoing study of issues raised in this book that I was not able to adequately address.

The most important issue that I address in this book is freedom. This is the essence of my understanding of Jesus’ teaching and his sacrifice, to give us freedom to act and to change. A crucial Greek word to describe what freedom means is parrhesia, meaning:

the speaker uses his freedom and chooses frankness instead of persuasion, truth instead of falsehood or silence, the risk of death instead of life and security, criticism instead of flattery, and moral duty instead of self-interest and moral apathy

Michel Foucault, Discourse and Truth, at https://foucault.info/parrhesia/foucault.DT1. wordParrhesia.en/.

Freedom has always been threatening to some, and too often I for one chose to give up my freedom rather than raise the rath of those who felt challenged by my questions or ideas. Looking back over my life, I identified many ways that I sacrificed the freedom that Christ gave us.

The important question to me is how to step forward in that freedom when so many are threatened by our exercising it? This is one topic that I will pursue here.

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