Can Prayer Heal?

My wife Margene was diagnosed with the degenerative neurological disease multiple sclerosis in her 30s. She was healed following prayer of several symptoms of that disease in her 50s, as I described in The Boiler Room Boys (see Chapters 7, 9, and 13). In January 2019 Clarissa Romez and colleagues published a scientific paper describing healing following prayer of a young man who had had a life long stomach disorder, gastroparesis. This careful description of this man’s healing further confirmed what I had seen through my wife’s healing, that prayer can heal.

Sections of The Boiler Room Boys where I discuss Margene’s healing from multiple sclerosis are Chapter 7, p 65-68 or Location 1363 – 1385 in Kindle Book; p 70-72 or Location 1456 – 1471; Chapter 9, p 88-89 or Location 1820 – 1834; Chapter 13, p146-149 or Location 3061 – 3117)